Alexander Shibniov (1962)  comes from a family of fine art painters and he is the fourth generation of artists. He studied at theMinsk school of art and graduated in fine art as well as applied arts.  He started his career as decorator of public buildings but soon moved towards fine art only.
Alexander’s work is firmly embedded in the Russian traditions. His works tell a story, and have an iconic quality about them.  His style also pays tribute to the old culture of the elaborately painted Russian paper maché boxes. Alexander’s recent choice to work on wood panels reinforces this idea.
The choice for wood is the desire to use a natural, stable and living material. It is part of Alexander’s strive to create a well balances and tranquil atmosphere in his work. He masterly achieves this by using warm colours within a limited colour scheme and his perfectionist way of working. The inherent warmth of natural wood enhances this feel. The apparent simplicity of his work belies the technical ability of the artist as well as his ability to tell stories.
Alexander Shibniov has exhibited his work in may countries in Europe.