Alessandra Placucci, painter and illustrator, lives and works in Cesena, Italy.
Her paintings main characteristic is the presence of small characters moving around merrily in a flurry of vibrant colours. Playing on the rainbow or flying tied to a balloon, children are the main characters and the story tellers.
As an Illustrator she has participated in many publications and books such as: “Contos e Feitiços”,”Os amigos da Cegonha Branca”, “Cores e Poesia Infantil” and in the Associação Pequeno Mundo – Calendar.
Alessandra Placucci has participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in Italy, France, Spain and Poland and received many awards and honourable mentions: in 2004 and 2007 she was awarded the “Margarita de Prata” in the “Naïf Painting Contest” in Cesena, Italy, and in 2008, the 1st Prize – Gold Medal “Exposição da Associação os Pintores Naïf en Liberté" in Mauvezin, France,Varenna International Award in the "38th painting edition in Italy. In 2009, 2nd Prize of the “Associação dos Pintores Naif” awarded by the public, in France.